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austin photographer meetup – april edition

this past thursday, april fools day, a group of austin wedding photographers had a little meetup at the baby A’s downtown. this was my first one of these photographer meetup things. honestly, i was a little intimidated and really wasnt sure what to expect, and had all these preconceived “mental blocks”. i decided to bite the bullet and go regardless of what my negative self was saying, and it actually turned out more helpful than anything. i must say that this is a pretty awesome group, everyone was sooooooooooooooo grounded and were willing to share stories and advice to each other.

looking forward to next months meetup. hopefully i can drink a little (a certain filipino who i mentioned in the last blog entry was doing shots like a champ!!), instead, i down a couple cans o redbull, haha.

thanks to caroline of sweetcarolinephoto for being the unofficial organizer for these things! and thanks to ben for making sure i didnt leave my bag there, lol.

here are some pics taken with my non full frame, lol.

ben is like a ninja

“you forget that im usually BEHIND the camera… i dont know how to act in front of one”

caroline: “francis is filipino. he can drink us ALL under the table…”

francis: “damn right”


nothing like a little photo walk with a long-time friend, katie streff-lyke, during austin’s south by southwest festival. katie wanted to get an opportunity to shoot with her new DSLR, i needed to work on my bw stuff.. so win/win, yes?

we went around downtown when it wasnt too terribly crowded. not to mention a random visit at the driskill hotel, and capped it off with a gelato from whole foods.

my inspiration for this was austin wedding photographer francis joseph’s blog ‘streetopia’ from last month … make sure you check out his full site!

here are some pics…

angel and rudy e-session – downtown austin

i’ve known angel for about 8 yrs or so, and i think its funny how we ended up working at the same hospital, around the same department (except, i dont work there anymore, lol). when she came to me about doing some pics with “husband-to-be”, rudy, i was pretty excited. they are a fun couple to photograph, and i loved being able to incorporate their little “gordito” tristan in a few shots. Austin wedding photographer arol horkavy took me to this location several months ago so that i can learn how to shoot, so a LOT of props go out to him!

here’s a sneak peak