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Fall Pics 2012

My annual family portrait special is in full swing! This has been a hit over the last couple of years

$100 for  30-45 minute session, with the DVD of the edited pics delivered to you within ONE WEEK!! Going on now to December 15th. Contact me for dates!

Here are a few pics!

Nancy and Jake = Married!

When Nancy and Jake got engaged, they had already planned on going to Oregon and eloping in the middle of the summer, but they wanted to have a little “engagement/send off party” before they left, and have a big reception when they came back. I was fortunate enough to have gone to the engagement party as one of “the buddies”, because, well, turns out, they got married. Like, that afternoon!

The “send off party/surprise wedding dinner” took place downtown Austin in June, then The Aziz’s went on what they describe as “one hell of an excursion” for a little bit of time, and when they came back, they held a reception in Kyle, Tx in the middle of September!


pics are below! 😉


heather and stephen’s EPIC wedding – falconhead golf course – 05.26.2012

As the title says, this was a pretty epic wedding for Heather and Stephen. They tied the knot at Falconhead golf course, where Heather grew up (we actually drove by her parents old house on the course). The golf course itself is beautiful!! Also, it is an absolute honor for me to be THE FIRST to shoot a wedding at falconhead, and their staff was amazing to work with! The climate was great, the green of the golf course plus the blue skies and overlapping clouds, and the wind blowing just right made for a perfect day.  Everything from the entrances on golf carts, to the exit with sparklers was flawless! Not to mention, the day was also filled with a little bit of nerdy references, and not just from me!! – Stephen’s various references to “final fantasy” throughout the day, one of Heather’s sisters assembling the bridesmaids by quoting Optimus Prime in saying “autobots, get dressed, and roll out!”, “battle without honor or humanity”  (the kill bill theme) playing as the bridesmaids did a slow-mo walk while getting ready, and the groomsmen getting in “flying V” within seconds, and without hesitation (pic is below)… Ah but I digress…

…welp… i guess you wanna see the pics.. hang on tight, there’s quite a handful of them =)

nice touch on the shoes!the kill bill theme was playing when they were walking like this (actually, my phone rang, and my ringtone is battle without honor..)the guys take on the flying Vthe girls try flying Vshe caught the bouquet! glad i got the mid air shot!!