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ashlee and adam’s wedding – san antonio , texas – 10.01.11

I had the pleasure of shooting ashlee and adam’s wedding at the beginning of October. I’m glad I got to spend essentially a whole month with the lovely couple, with a back-to-back engagement and bridal session at the beginning of September, leading up to their wedding, being kept in the loop with a bunch of things involved in the planning process, it was quite a blast actually!!  This wedding is also the first wedding that I got to shoot with a “getaway car” that you don’t see quite often  (its a 1974 pontiac grandview convertible that adam’s grandparents loaned them, for those keeping score).

the cakes were awesome too! the bride’s cake was a crepe cake, and the grooms cake was burnt orange. there was also a gluten free chocolate cake which was!! the wedding was held at christ church episcopal, and the reception was hosted by the beautiful Los Patios.

here are a few pics from the wedding.


ashlee and adam’s engagement session – san antonio tx – 09.01.2011

this was a fun shoot with a fun couple, and i get to shoot their wedding in a month!! there were definetly lots of laughs shared. we ran through a handful of spots in san antonio, may or may not have swung on a tree, and hit the Alamo briefly even. It seemed like the most unexpected of things wanted to get in this shoot, from their happy dog nacho, to some extreme bicyclists, hell, even a security guard wanted in on the mix. Despite all that though, Ashlee’s (yes, the bride-to-be..) favorite pic is, well, you’ll see below… (hint: may not be suitable for all audiences.. im giving it a PG-13 rating)… it was at HER request that i post it..

ashlee's favorite pic... posted upon her request.