2012 sxsw

Ahhh Austin, full of eccentricities and known for being “the live music capitol of the world”. I love this city, and every year in march or whenever spring break occurs, Austin hosts its annual SXSW festival. I didnt get badges this year, but I ventured out for a couple hours downtown armed with my trusty camera and 24-70 for a little photowalk, and I was joined by world-class photographer and “overall nice guy,” Mr Arol Horkavy himself. Here are some pics…


some random street band

i couldve sworn i saw this violin playing wolf man in new orleans….

these guys were racing. the skateboarding box on the left won.

we heard a band that was reminiscent of the old, high-energy-type rock bands that we grew up with: iron maiden/judas priest/motley crue/ etc.. we saw this interesting fella with a ton of energy at the door inviting us in, so we had a look…

…it turned out to be a pretty good set!

they are called “audrey horne”

NOT DEAD! just resting!


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