Hi. My name is MelJan. Thanks for stopping by. I am a wedding and portrait photographer from Austin Texas, currently living in San Jose, California. I have been shooting photographs professionally since 2007. 

I proudly consider myself a native Austinite (we've been here since 1990), having attended Linder Elementary, Kealing Junior High, LBJ High School, the University of Texas at Austin, and Austin Community College.

As a photographer, I have shot around 300 weddings since 2007. I have had the pleasure of working alongside some of Austin's top photographers, either assisting them as a second shooter, or vice versa.


Aside from photography, I'm also a nurse (they really do balance each other out). That being said, I truly believe that I am able to put as much time and care in your photographs as I do with my patients.

I am also an avid gamer, I have a dog named Versed, and I enjoy taking trips wherever and whenever I can. I'm also a little bit of a foodie, so dont be surpised to see me at your local restaurants taking pics of my food.


I like to travel, and among my favorite places include: Japan, Puerto Rico, Belize, The Philippines, and London.